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The stress of work. The modern world. Responsibilities, routines, ruts, and other complications like affairs can all strain your relationship. If you feel like your bond with your partner is missing the spark you once shared, if one or both of you is feeling frustrated sexually, or if you have other relationship and intimacy challenges, it might feel like it’s the end…


…The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.


The quality of our relationships determines our quality of life. Sometimes, you need a certified relationship and intimacy expert to step in and guide you through the process of rediscovering your partner, make repairs where needed, and forge a relationship that feels endlessly fulfilling.


Longing For a Deeper Connection: Whether you want to reignite the passion in the bedroom (or outside the bedroom…) or connect more deeply on an emotional level, it can be challenging to do so alone. With my crafted 1:1 couple’s coaching, I’ll troubleshoot your relationship problems, support your growth, and offer my experience to help you (re)discover intimacy in a new way.


Learn To Argue in A Healthy Way: Does your relationship have arguments that crop up repeatedly, or do you struggle to discuss something in a productive way that helps you learn about each other’s preferences? Arguing itself is an excellent opportunity to honestly address a problem and learn from it, but you need to learn to do so in a healthy manner. As a certified relationship and intimacy expert, I can help you achieve this.


Navigating an Amicable Separation: Not all separations need to be hostile. If you’re hoping to navigate this painful time in a growth-orientated way, without hurting one another, then I’ll be the expert hand that leads the process. With an experienced mediator and navigator, you can make sure you have an amicable relationship following separation.


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90 minute sessions start at $550USD

I offer customized packages and payment options

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A Personalized, VIP Couples Retreat That Will Renew Your Love

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When is a good time to invest in a retreat?

Empty Nest for Two


Our children grew and left. Now it is just the two of us. This is a great time to redefine our relationship for the next phase in our lives.  We have dreams, and talk about taking risks, but with some bad old habits and baggage, how can we foster romance and desire again?

Reconnect After Grief


Loss is such a heavy feeling my heart shrinked and hasn't let my partner in. I'm navigating this the best I can. We need help so we can reconnect, we are both suffering in our own way. How can I be there for my partner when I'm so hurt?

Celebrate Your Anniversary


We have been through epic ups and the darkest downs. I'm not sure how we managed but here we are, committed to each other. We want to revive the passion and explore with wonder who we've become in a very different kind of celebration.

Recover After
an Affair


 Our relationship hit rock bottom, we're not sure if we are going to make it. But we are willing to dive deep and understand how we got here. We've handled this the best we could but we need an expert to help us through, we have so much at stake.

Imagine fine dining, lounging in a pool or on the beach, and treating one another with exquisite kindness. Imagine having a safe setting to immerse in those long overdue conversations while feeling seen and respected. Setting goals together and redefining your relationship is possible with my lush weekend couples retreat in Doha.


Each couples coaching experience is completely tailor-made for your relationship, likes and dislikes, and deepest needs.


With gentle kindness, I’ll guide you to use your retreat as a springboard to find the answers you seek about your relationship while deepening your connection and bond.



Interviews: After interviewing each of you individually, we’ll repeat the process with both of you together in a call. From there, we’ll discuss the plan and your personalized guide for healing and overcoming your relationship problems.


A Deeply Transformative Process: Each session will be focused on building you up as a couple while helping you reignite your intimate connection.


Relax: In-between relationship coaching sessions, you can visit the spa, walk on the beach, or watch the sun set over Doha, together.


Our Qatar retreats are held at the Banana Island Resort Doha.

Private Island


Two Nights in a 5-Star Suite Accommodation


All meals Included


Personalized Attention

Hours of coaching with goals oriented.

Get Away, Reignite Your Passion, and Revive Your Relationship

Duration: Thursday evening to Saturday noon (Two nights of accommodation)

Includes intensive hours of coaching to meet your goals in a five-star suite accommodation.


Investment: $9,500USD


Email: [email protected]

VIP Couples Retreats are in Doha, but other locations around the world are also available on request.